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HAPPY NEW YEAR you smoking bastards!!!

"We are banned from this place! Damn our smokingness!"
It finally happened, on the first of January! Paris cafés and bars and restaurants are smoke-free!
No more smelly fog lying in the air around you, or cigarette butts getting thrown into your freshly served wine glass!
The interior belongs to the healthy breathers, while the outside (the cold at minus 5 degrees Celsius/ 23 degrees Fahrenheit) belongs to the wacky tobacky chain-smokers!
Isn*t it fun to sit on your comfy bar stool in the warmth while watching and laughing at our poor friends outside? Sure is, darling!

Check out the video snobby foreign correspondent Nirit Summer (bless her it*s winter now) did with me on this occasion at our first evening out at our regular meeting spot:

Candy fighting with me over the last straw
Candy showing us what she thinks about the new smoking ban
At least the dog was having a good time

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