Snobby Foreign Correspondents

Frosty Fun of the Freezing Kind

The Snobbies are back for the New Year! Fun on the Passerelle de Solferino next to the Orsay Museum. Check us out!


The Bloom of House of Europe

La Maison de l'Europe
35-37, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris

The discovery of a little hidden garden in the middle of the Marais, much to the joy of finding childish pleasures on a playground filled with merriment and innocent fun. Watch.

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Florence Finkelsztajn House of International Yummies

Here we are back again, after a long Summer (get the hint, Summer!), feasting on kosher supersandwiches and the most yummytastic savouricious piece of cheesecake you can get your teeth in. "like buttah"

So come to Florence Finkelsztajn, one of the best delicatessen stores in town and get a taste of central european foods.

Florence Finkelsztajn
24 Rue des Ecouffes and corner of 19 Rue des Rosiers in the Marais

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HAPPY NEW YEAR you smoking bastards!!!

"We are banned from this place! Damn our smokingness!"
It finally happened, on the first of January! Paris cafés and bars and restaurants are smoke-free!
No more smelly fog lying in the air around you, or cigarette butts getting thrown into your freshly served wine glass!
The interior belongs to the healthy breathers, while the outside (the cold at minus 5 degrees Celsius/ 23 degrees Fahrenheit) belongs to the wacky tobacky chain-smokers!
Isn*t it fun to sit on your comfy bar stool in the warmth while watching and laughing at our poor friends outside? Sure is, darling!

Check out the video snobby foreign correspondent Nirit Summer (bless her it*s winter now) did with me on this occasion at our first evening out at our regular meeting spot:

Candy fighting with me over the last straw
Candy showing us what she thinks about the new smoking ban
At least the dog was having a good time

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Café Suédois - where we get ABBA, IKEA, WASA and VOLVO!

Café Suédois
11, Rue Payenne , 75003 Paris
Centre Culturel Suédois

The Café Suédois, situated in the heart of the Marais inside the courtyard of the beautiful Hotel de Marle (Swedish Cultural Center now), presents you with a warm welcome, a peaceful ambiance and yummy Swedish pastries and sandwiches all week long!

But don*t believe me,
check out what our Snobby Foreign Correspondents have to say about it:

Nirit on the left, Swedish toilet on the right
Isn*t she a cute pie!
In a window display nearby, chickens are hiding...

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First snobby post from November 2007

Foreign correspondents Nirit and a very snobby me discussing today*s topic: The Jungian vision of existentialism, and why god circulates in oven fried dishes.



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